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Hello and welcome to my website. Please feel free to have a look around. My journey began in 2009 when, after only two days of planning, I rode from Sydney to London on a 105cc retired Australian postal bike called Dorothy. A few years later I rode the same bike from New York to Alaska and from that wrote two books. 

In the years that have followed I worked for the motorcycling press, editing Adventure Bike Rider magazine before turning freelance, where I focus mainly on the adventure sector. 

In 2017, almost by accident, I organised the inaugural Garbage Run tour from Land's End to John o'Groats and from there a new career as a tour guide and organiser blossomed. As well as the tours I now run a fleet of Australian postal bikes as well as the A2 compliant adventure bikes that are here in North Devon for people to ride. 


Hope to see you down here.


Map of my Sydney to London and New York
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THE LONG RIDE HOME - Sydney to London £14

The Long Ride Home (also known as Going Postal in Australia) tells the story of my impromtu journey across the world on a retired Australian postal delivery bike named Dorothy.

It was a journey of 18 countries, 23,000 miles and 9 months on the road after just three days of planning. The book begins in Sydney before heading off on a journey to England taking a meandering route through countries such as Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal, Russia, China and Indonesia.

Upon launch it was awarded Overland Magazine Book of the Year and enjoys strong reviews on Amazon, where it also avaiable on Kindle.

The book contains 40 pages of colour photographs from the trip.

RUNNING TOWARDS THE LIGHT  - New York to Alaska £14

Running Towards the Light is the follow up to hte Long Ride Home, picking up a few years after that first trip with another impromtu adventure, this time across the United States of America.

Once again travelling by 105cc Australian postal bike, the book is an honest account of the highs and lows of the road and hopefully helps explain how these big trips might come about.

The journey across America starts in New York, before continuing across the Rust Belt of Detroit and Chicago, before taking in Route 66 and after that the endless natural beauty of Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, before finally reaching the coast in Alaska.

The book also contains 24 pages of colour images as well as a brief guide as to how you can go about your own American adventure!


The Amazing Adventures of Dorothy is the children's adaptation of the journey from Sydney to London, recounting the story of an Australian postal bike named Dorothy who one day is tasked with taking a parcel to the other side of the world.

With no time to spare she embarks on a journey lifetime, crossing continents, making friends and overcoming adversity in the most testing of situations. 

The hope is to inspire younger readers to go on to embark on their own adventures.

The book is aimed at 8-12 year olds and features 50,000 words and 30 colour illustrations by Chris Lloyd




Dorothy's Speed Shop was a new development for 2020, with the opening of this adventure centre in North Devon a response to the travel restrictions imposed by Covid.


The Speed Shop is home to the fleet of Australian postal bikes that were shipped to England following a tour across the Australian Outback in 2019k, and now complemented by the range of A2 compliant adventure bikes that are available to ride back to back on guided tours of stunning North Devon area.

Riders spend the day sampling all four bikes back to back on some of the best roads North Devon has to offer, proving the perfect opportunity to see which bike suits you best. Ideal for those looking to buy, or for someone who just wants a good day out with a twist.

Click here for more information

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Having ridden across the world on Honda's unbreakable CT110, I knew them to be the perfect bike for taking a group coast to coast across Australia, right through the heart of the Outback. In 2019 that trip took place, covering some 6000 kilometres in just over 3 weeks of riding. Man and machine all survived - just - and at the end of the trip the bikes were sea freighted back to the UK where they now serve as the perfect back road discovery bikes here in the UK, taking people on guided tours of the lanes and trails, with a mix of day rides and longer overnight runs, all guided by Dorothy, the bike I rode across the world.

I can also accommodate groups with any specific dates in mind.

For more information click here



The Garbage Run was am accidental change in direction, stemming from a ride from Land's End to John o'Groats back in Spring of 2017. Thirty rides on all manner of machinery made the trip over 8 days, riding only back roads and scenic routes, camping the whole way. It was just for the sake of doing it. Since then I have organised almost ten more Land's end to John o'Groats run and expanded the Garbage Run concept to trips around Ireland, across Australia and America. Shorter trips also focus on Cornwall and Wales, with Scotland trips also a mainstay of the Garbage Run calendar. Trips to Japan and Iceland are in the pipeline (once Covid retreats) with almost 300 riders having now taken part in a Garbage Run event. Check out for details of upcoming events.

News and Events


This video is a quick summary of past travels on the postie bike from Sydney to Alaska, plus a more recent trip across America. A bit of bad language mid way through. 



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If you'd like to get in touch regarding the trips or the books, or are interested in me coming and giving a talk at your club, school or organisation then please just fill in the form to the left...

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