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'BEST OF FOUR' North Devon Test Day

The small capacity adventure market is booming at the moment and all the bikes are very different. Sometimes it's tricky to gauge which one might suit you best.

The 'Best of Four' day is a chance to sample the main four bikes in the class on a guided tour of the stunning North Devon coastline, heading out for the day and having chance to ride all four bikes back to back, switching throughout the day.


It's a new project for Autumn 2020 and something I hope will give people a useful insight into the bikes as well as show them some of the most dramatic scenery the UK has to offer.


The four bikes currently on fleet are: the Honda CRF 250 Rally, Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM 390 Adventure and BMW G 310 GS. New bikes will be added at a later day.

All bikes are low mile examples and unless otherwise stated completely standard.

Tours are operated by Dot Adventure Limited. 


KTM 390 Adventure

POWER: 43bhp

WEIGHT: 158 kilos


FUEL TANK: 14.5-litres

PRICE NEW: £5499

The KTM is the newest bike in the lineup, launched in 2020 after many years of build up. It uses the same single cyclinder 43bhp engine as in the 390 Duke and benefits from having the most power and joint lowest weight alongside the Honda. A real firecracker on the road.



POWER: 24.5bhp

WEIGHT: 193- kilos


FUEL TANK: 15-litres

PRICE NEW: £4200

The Himalayan has been the surprise hit of the small adventure bike market, proving more capable than many could have predicted. A torquey long stroke motor and low seat height makes it the ideal novice adventure machine. Some will love it, some might not. Chance for you to make your own mind up.



POWER: 24bhp 

WEIGHT: 157 kilos


FUEL TANK: 10.1-litres

PRICE NEW: £5649

The Honda has been a firm favourite for trail riding fans and adventure riders alike for the last few years now. Easy to ride, reliable, long service intervals, it's easy to see why it's been so popular.

NB: The bike has been fitted with a lowering link in the rear suspension meaning that it sits approximately one inch lower than stock.

BMW G 310 GS

POWER: 34bhp

WEIGHT: 170 kilos


FUEL TANK: 11.5-litres

PRICE NEW: £5435

The 310 GS takes the look and attitude of its 1200cc big brother and shrinks it down to a more manageable package. Designed to blend road and and off road capabilities, this could be the consummate all rounder and challenge the Himalayan for travel bike of choice. Which will you prefer?

The route is a mixture of A and B roads with an optional chance to try the bikes on a simple green lane that we'll stop at along the way. You will spend approximately 1 to 1.30 hours on each bike.

Tours are operated out of Dorothy's Speed Shop just outside Braunton North Devon. 

Riders MUST be 25 or over and hold a full and valid driving licence, to be presented on the day.

Fuel and insurance is included. All riders are liable for an excess of £500. Minor damage to the bike will be charged on a 'cost of repair' basis.

Contact me for bespoke/personal bookings

Thanks for submitting!


- Driving licence

- Full compliment of protective riding gear; helmet, gloves, padded trousers, jacket, waterproofs.

Dinner money


There is no prescribed schedule to the days. Days will be adjusted to take into account the weather, riding abilities and also the preference of the group in what they wish to get out out of it. 

Plan on a 9.30 arrival with a 10.00am start. A tea stop will happen around 11.00am with lunch at approximately 1pm. 

We will aim to be finished by 4.30-5.00pm.

There is secure parking for bikes in the unit and across the road parking for cars.


- Riders accept that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit potentially leading to injury, disablement or death. 

- Riders agree to ride within their abilities at all times. 

- Reckless or dangerous behaviour will result in one warning and after that trip termination with no refund.

- Riders accept liability of a £500 damage waiver in the event of damage to a motorcycle. Minor damage will be charged according to repair.

- Riders must remain behind the lead riders at all times. 

- Riders are responsible for riding to relevant traffic regulations and speeds.

- Riders accept that they have dynamic control over the machine and are responsible for their own actions and decisions as a road user.

- Prior to departure, riders must notify the guide if a medical issue is likely to affect their ability to participate in the ride or if anything changes throughout the day.

- Riders accept that there is no personal injury insurance provision and if so required are advised to source their own third party insurance; ie.

Riders will be required to sign a risk acceptance form prior to departure.

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