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Ride the classic Aussie post bike on a  Great British adventure!

UK Postie Bike Adventures was born out of 2019's Garbage Run Australia when a fleet of genuine Aussie Post Bikes (Honda's venerable CT110) were purchased from One Ten Motorcycles in Brisbane and ridden 6000 kilometres across the centre of Australia all the way to Perth. 

At the end of that trip the bikes were crated up in a container and sailed to England where they're now registered and ready to be ridden on short duration adventures taking the back roads and coastal lanes of North Devon, and occasionally further afield

The postie rides are fun and easy to ride, making them ideal bikes for anyone venturing off road for the first time. They have four gears but no clutch, the gearbox designed originally to allow delivery riders in Japan to deliver lunchtime noodles one handed. They can take some getting used to, but once mastered there's not much terrain that will stop them. 

The bikes have all been well used, ridden originally by the Australian postman for the first 25,000 kilometres or so, then retired off and sold to private individuals to do with as they will. In the case of the seven bikes on the fleet (plus the bike that brought me around the world), they all endured the arduous Australian Outback on a three crossing coast to coast; along famous Outback trails such as Strzelecki, Oodnadatta and the Great Central Road out the back of Uluru.


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