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Land's End to John O'Groats

It was mentioned in the second issue of Getting into Adventure; a journey from Land's End to John o'Groats, an open invitation to anyone interested. Well it's still going ahead, still on the 13th May, meeting at the Land's End visitors centre at 9.30.

I haven't a clue who's coming. How many are coming. But that's fine. We'll deal with it as it comes. The plan is loose, though I will look to designate camping spots each night, just in case we get split up and people need a destination to aim towards. It also allows people to join in mid-way, knowing exactly where to find us.

The plan is to take 7 days, arriving the following Saturday. It will all be away from the main roads, maybe a few gentle green lanes along the way, averaging around 200 miles per day, which will be more than ample.

I'm riding the Honda CT110 that I previously rode back from Australia on and then across America. Speed will be about 40mph, so don't expect to break any records. The idea is just to see parts of the UK you might not have seen before, and also give you a bit of company if you'd previously struggled to find people to do it with.

The motivation for the ride comes from my own desire to ride the route last year, but, like everyone else, putting it off and thinking I need to do something in order to make it happen; in this case, setting a date.

Like most I am tied down by life; commitments, bills, restraints... and that's okay, but I still want to get out and ride a bit, and so in this short one week adventure the aim is to try and recreate a bit of a taste of that trip that took me across

the globe; camping, riding slow, seeing places you've never seen before... meeting people.

More information will follow, but forecast that you will need a bike; smallish would suit but anything with a steady throttle should suffice. Camping equipment will be necessary, as will about £200 to make it to the top, and maybe a touch more to get back down again.

I can't promise sunshine. I can't promise victory. But I can promise we're going to have a good old ride!

See you in Land's End.

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